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Who's who and jurisdiction of our Embassy in Helsinki.
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The Embassy in Helsinki is responsible for Finland and Estonia.

Who's who?

Embassy of Belgium

  • Alexis de Crombrugghe, Ambassador
  • Jean De Lannoy, Deputy Head of Mission and Consul
  • Col. Jo Heylens, Military Attaché for Finland (based in The Hague)
  • Col. Pierre Jean Pira, Military Attaché for Estonia (based in Warsaw)
  • Jessica Diepenbroek, Senior Administrative Officer
  • Guillaume Delvaux, Administrative Officer
  • Heli Ronkainen, Administrative Officer
  • Olli Törö, Driver and logistical management
  • Jeoffrey Narag, Housekeeper  

Regional representations

Dries Willems

General Delegate of the Flemish Government for Finland
Sundkrogskade 21, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel. : +45 22 19 00 96

E-mail: copenhagen@flanders.eu

Deputy to the General Delegate: Lotte Ysenbrandt

Thomas Castrel

General Delegate of the Flemish Government for Estonia
Aleja Jana Chrystiana Szucha 19, 00-580 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: +48 22 584 73 43

E-mail: warsaw@flanders.pl

Deputy to the General Delegate: Sofie Geerts

Jean-Philippe Schklar

General Delegate of Wallonia-Brussels to Finland and Estonia as well as Economic and Trade Counsellor for the Walloon Region (Agence Wallonne à l'Exportation) to Finland and Estonia and for the Brussels-Capital Region (hub.brussels (trade)) to Estonia

Address: Albertia iela 13 (5th floor), LV-1010 Riga, Latvia
Tel.: (+371) 6 703 93 21 
Email: riga@awex-wallonia.com - website: www.wallonia.lv

Annika Åkerfelt

Head of the Office of Flanders Investment and Trade and hub.brussels (trade) for Finland

Address: P.O. Box 800 (Aleksanterinkatu 17) - 00101 Helsinki, Finland 
Tel.: (+358) 9 62 62 33
Email: helsinki@flanderstrade.com

Wouter Debeyne

Economic and Trade Counsellor for the Flemish Region (Flanders Investment and Trade) to Estonia

Address: Gedimino Prospektas 20, 01103 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: (+370) 655 43205
E-Mail : vilnius@flanderstrade.com 
Website : www.investinflanders.com

Terry Huyghe

Economic and Trade Attaché for the Brussels-Capital Region (hub.brussels (investments) for Finland

Postal address: Box 1040, 101 38 Stockholm / visiting address: Kungsbroplan 2, 112 27 Stockholm (Embassy of Belgium in Stockholm)
Tel.: (+46) 824 0910
E-Mail : stockholm@hub.brussels
Website : http://hub.brussels

Team of the Embassy of Belgium in Helsinki

The team of the Belgian Embassy in Helsinki. From left to right: Jessica, Jeoffrey, Deputy Head of Mission and Consul Jean De Lannoy, Guillaume, Ambassador Alexis de Crombrugghe, Olli and Heli.