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Moving and registration 

I’m Belgian and moved to Finland. Why should I register myself at the Embassy as I’m already registered in the population register of Finland?

When you are registered at the Embassy, it facilitates the use of the services similar to the services of your municipality in Belgium; apply for a passport and identity card, you can vote, the Embassy can issue you a certificate of domicile or nationality etc.

I’ve lived in Finland and now I’m moving back to Belgium. What formalities do I need to fulfil?

Just a short note (by phone, e-mail or fax) is enough. Then we know that you have left Finland. Once back in Belgium, you have to register at the town hall of your place of residence.      



I’m applying for a D-type, long term visa for Belgium. In the instructions that I have, it is mentioned that the medical certificate should be issued by a doctor who is recognized by the Belgian Embassy. Do you have a list of these doctors?

No, we don’t have a list of doctors recognized by the Embassy. You can go to any doctor in Finland. The medical certificate has to be legalized by the Apostille. See https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/EN/Pages/home.aspx

I’m living in Finland and I have a residence permit for Finland but I’m not an EU-citizen. I would like to visit Belgium. Do I need to apply for a visa?

No. Your residence permit for Finland entitles you to travel within the Schengen area without additional visa. Only if you are going to stay in Belgium for more than 3 months, you must apply for a D-type (long term) visa.  



I will travel to Belgium with my dog, cat and ferret. Which vaccinations should they have and do I need other documents?

Your dog, cat or ferret must be identified with microchip or tattoo, vaccinated against rabies and have a European pet passport. These are the basic requirements that apply in most of the European countries, including Belgium.

In case of the first vaccination against rabies, or when the previous vaccination is not more valid, the dog/cat/ferret must be vaccinated minimum 21 days before the departure date.

If you wish to travel with pets younger than 3 months, always consult the authorities of the destination country if it is permitted and whether the pet must be vaccinated against rabies. At the moment Belgium allows the import of pets (not commercial) younger than 3 months. They have to be identified with microchip or tattoo, have a European pet passport, have a clinical examination done and a clarification written and signed by the owner, stating that the pet has stayed in one place after its birth and that is has not been in touch with other animals that might have rabies. 

See also http://ec.europa.eu/food/animal/liveanimals/pets/index_en.htm.



I have a question concerning my pension.

Contact Rijksdienst voor Pensioenen / Office national des Pensions: 
tel. + 32  2 529 30 01



I have a Finnish document that I should use in Belgium. I was advised to contact the nearest Belgian Embassy in order to get it legalized. Do I have to come to the Embassy for that?

In fact to have it legalized you should take the original document with you and go to Maistraatti. They will attach an Apostille on the document. Thereafter the legalization done by the Embassy is no more needed and the document is ready to be used in Belgium.

In case you have a document issued in Belgium, then it is the Belgian authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgium) that can attach the Apostille on it.

Does Belgium have a tourist office in Finland?

No. You can contact the Embassy or the Belgian Tourism Information offices (see links) in tourist matters.

How to get Finnish Euro coins?

Unfortunately the Embassy of Belgium does not have Finnish Euro coins, but you can check links of Finnish coin collectors on the website of Finnish Numismatics Association www.numismaatikko.fi.