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I have just moved to Finland. What are the steps to be taken with the local authorities?

You can find answers regarding the administrative steps to take when settling in Finland in the following document that is available in French and Dutch: 

Are there any travel restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic?

There are no longer any COVID-19 related travel restrictions between Belgium and Finland or Estonia. 

For eventual questions concerning the local COVID-19 situation, you can visit the following websites:

For questions concerning vaccination, please contact your local medical centre.

As a non-European do I need a visa to travel to Belgium?

If you are a non-EU citizen residing in Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Iceland, you are allowed to travel to Belgium for less than 90 days if you travel with:

  • a valid national passport and 
  • a valid residence permit from one of the above mentioned countries.

If you wish to stay longer than 90 days, you must apply for a D-type (long term) visa.

I would like to renew my Belgian driver’s license which expires soon or is in bad shape. Can the embassy issue a new driver’s license?

The embassy of Belgium in Helsinki is not competent for driver’s license matters. If you reside in Estonia or Finland, you need to exchange your Belgian driver’s license for a local driver’s license. Further information:

If the local authorities require further information concerning your Belgian driver’s license, please contact the municipality in Belgium where you were last registered. 

I would like to travel with my pet to Belgium. What are the rules in place?

If you wish to travel to Belgium with your dog, cat or ferret, it must be identified with microchip or tattoo, vaccinated against rabies and have a European pet passport. These are the basic requirements that apply in most of the European countries, including Belgium.

In case of the first vaccination against rabies, or when the previous vaccination is not more valid, the dog/cat/ferret must be vaccinated minimum 21 days before the departure date.

If you wish to travel with pets younger than 3 months, always consult the authorities of the destination country if it is permitted and whether the pet must be vaccinated against rabies. At the moment Belgium allows the import of pets (not commercial) younger than 3 months. They have to be identified with microchip or tattoo, have a European pet passport, have a clinical examination done and a clarification written and signed by the owner, stating that the pet has stayed in one place after its birth and that is has not been in touch with other animals that might have rabies. 

For more information see: Movement of pets (europa.eu)

I have questions about my pension. Can the embassy assist me?

The Embassy of Belgium in Helsinki is not competent in pension matters. For further information, please contact the federal pension service: 

Tel. + 32  2 529 30 01

I have a question related to Belgian tax matters. Can the embassy assist me?

The Embassy of Belgium is not competent in tax matters. If you have any taxation related question, please consult the website of the Federal Public Service Finance