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Do you have Belgian citizenship and have you settled permanently in Finland or in Estonia? Our team welcomes you! During your stay, we are your point of contact for all your administrative issues. To have access to our consular services (passports, identity cards, updating of the national register, certificates, etc.), you are requested to first register in our population register.

Who can register?

You must meet the following conditions:

  • You are a Belgian citizen.
  • You have deregistered from the population registers of your last municipality of residence in Belgium. However, if you are moving from another Belgian embassy or consulate, no specific action is required. You merely need to submit the registration file and your administrative file will be automatically transferred to us.
  • You must provide proof of your legal and principal residence within Finland or Estonia.

How to register?

You can register yourself online via the eConsul application. To have access to this application, you must have an activated Belgian eID and a card reader.

You can also submit your file electronically (in PDF format to helsinki@diplobel.fed.be) or by post (Embassy of Belgium, Kalliolinnantie 5, 00140 Helsinki, Finland). 

Your file must include the following:

  • Registration form. For minors: the form must be signed by both parents and a copy of the passport/identity card of each parent must be provided
  • Election registration forms (these are available in Dutch, French and German and can be found here). 
  • If you come from Belgium: certificate "model 8" as proof of deregistration from the register of your last municipality of residence in Belgium. If you  have previously been registered in another Belgian embassy or consulate, we will do the necessary to have your file transferred from there.
  • A copy of your Belgian identity documents (passport and / or identity card)
  • Document(s) issued by local authorities:
    • If you live in FINLAND:
      • A recent (max 6 months old) residence certificate (“asuinpaikkatodistus”) issued by DVV, Digital and Population Data Services Agency, in English, French, Dutch or German with your address and your municipality of residence in Finland. A separate document is required for each family member to be registered. We accept both  digital certificates that can be requested through the DVV website or signed and stamped paper documents.
    • If you live in ESTONIA:
      • A copy of your Estonian identity card
      • A certificate of residence stating your permanent address in Estonia - a separate document for each family member to be registered. This could be any of the following documents:
      • A. extract of place of residence data from the Estonian population register ("Elukohaandmete väljavõte Eesti rahvastikuregistrist")
      • B. extract of Estonian population register ("Väljavõte Eesti rahvastikuregistrist"). These documents are available in paper or electronic format (with electronic signature) and both of them have the same official value. To obtain the document, please contact your municipal administration ("linnavalitsus" / "vallavalitsus"), the Tallinn Vital Statistics Office ("Tallinna Perekonnaseisuamet") or a notary office.

First time registration of a child (without national number)

Please contact us by email (helsinki@diplobel.fed.be) and provide us with the available information/documentation concerning the child, the parents and the marital status of the parents at the time of birth as well as the type of parental recognition that has been done either in Finland or Estonia, if applicable. Based on these data we shall be able to provide you with the information relevant in your case.

Keep your data up to date!

Keep in mind that changes in your contact information or your civil status are not automatically transmitted to the embassy by the local authorities. To enable us to assist you effectively in case of emergency as well as to guarantee the best consular services, it is crucial to keep us up to date regarding the following :

  • Change of contact details : phone number / email address / local address
  • Change of marital status
  • Change in family composition
  • Change of profession or employer
  • Acquisition of nationality or renunciation of nationality

These data will be recorded in your administrative file and in the national register.

Data protection

For information on the processing of personal data in connection with registration in the consular population registers, see this page.