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Retaining Belgian nationality

In 1 January 1985 the Belgian nationality law entered into force.  According to article 22 § 1 5°, some Belgians, along with their underage children, shall lose their Belgian nationality, if before their 28th birthday they have not signed a declaration stating their intention to retain Belgian nationality at the Belgian diplomatic post where they are registered. Since 12/07/2018 the concerned persons no longer need to sign the declaration to retain their Belgian nationality, if they have applied for and got delivered a Belgian passport or an identity card between their 18th and 28th birthdays.

The above-mentioned concerns those Belgians who:

  • were born abroad after 1 January 1967
  • hold one or multiple other nationalities besides the Belgian nationality
  • did not have your principal residence in Belgium during the period between the age of eighteen and twenty-eight
  • have not worked abroad either for the Belgian government or for a Belgian company or association during the period between the age of eighteen and twenty-eight

The persons concerned, shall be contacted by the embassy on basis of the information in the national register few months before their 28th birthday. The necessary action can be taken already earlier once the person has turned 18.

If the declaration has not been signed nor the concerned person has got delivered a Belgian passport or identity card, they shall lose their Belgian nationality on their 28th birthday.

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