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Identity card

For more information on identity cards for Belgians living abroad, please check the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs.


The following documents are needed for the identity card application:

Application form (NL - FR)

2 photos 
Enclose 2 passport size photos, made by a photographer, in the holder. Because the photo will be scanned, the following instructions have to be taken into consideration:

  • Only color photos are accepted.
  • Real identity photos taken in a photo shop.
  • Size 45x35mm.
  • The head has to be completely in the picture and its size must be between 25 mm and 35 mm.
  • Forehead, eyes, chin and nose may not be covered, no hat (if for religious or medical reasons, a certificate has to be enclosed).
  • Clear and plain background (no artistic “clouds” or curtains).
  • Front view of the face (not from the side), raised head.

If the photos don’t meet the requirements, you will be asked to send new photos.


Fee: 20 €

The fee has to be paid by bank- or credit card before or when the application is introduced. If you pay by bank transfer, please enclose the receipt of the payment with the other documents.

Account info:

Nordea Bank 
Rekening n° 172230-249 
IBAN: FI6817223000000249 

After all the required documents have been received, the application will be processed. You will be informed about the arrival of your new identity card. If you wish to receive your new identity card by registered mail, you need to pay 9,90 €* together with the identity card fee (= total of 29,90 €).

* or 14.30  for Estonia


Lost or stolen identity card?

If your identity card is lost or stolen:

  • call immediately the toll free number of "DocStop" 00800 2123 2123 (24h/24h, 7d/7d) or +32 2 518 2123 to block your document and avoid its illegitimate use. More info on: www.docstop.be.
  • notify the local police station and present the received report of theft or lost at the Embassy.
  • apply as soon as possible for a new identity card at your municipality in Belgium or at the Belgian embassy where you are registered.