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Commitment that charge will be taken

The guarantor commits themselves to cover the student’s costs of stay, health costs as well as costs of repatriation borne by the Belgian government or by a Public Centre for Social Welfare (CPAS).

Anyone wishing to act as a guarantor and to sign a commitment that charge will be taken “Annex 32” for a student in connection to their visa application or extension of their residence permit, should submit the following documents by post (Kalliolinnantie 5, 00140 Helsinki) or by email (helsinki@diplobel.fed.be). No documents will be accepted at the counter.

  • Valid proof of identity (passport or identity card)
  • Residence permit in Finland or Estonia, if applicable. If your residence permit is not permanent, you must be a family member up to and including the third degree of the third-country national toward whom the commitment that charge will taken will be made. Attention: This family relationship must be established with documentation, i.e. with birth certificate(s) or other official documents, if necessary legalized/apostilled. If the guarantor cannot validly establish his or her relationship to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree, the commitment that charge will be taken cannot be accepted.
  • A recent (max. 6 months old) extract from the population register on your name and with complete information on your family composition (your spouse and your children). If you are single or do not have children, this should be explicitly mentioned on the document. In Finland, please contact the DVV (Digital and Population Data Services Agency) to obtain the extract “Person and family relationship information”. In Estonia, the competent authority is your regional civil status administration (Linnavalitsus / Vallavalitsus).
  • The latest tax decision with the total income, total income tax and paid unemployment insurance and pension contributions for that fiscal year: In Finland “verotuspäätös”  issued by Vero. In Estonia “taxation data certificate” in English by Tax and Customs Board or obtained via e-MTA.
  • Proof of payment: 20€ per "commitment that charge will be taken"  paid on our account prior to processing: Embassy of Belgium, IBAN: FI6817223000000249 (Nordea), SWIFT: NDEAFIHH 
  • Proof of your spouse’s income, if applicable (their latest pay slip/proof of social benefits etc.)
  • Original certified copy of the student’s passport. The student is to present his/her passport to his respective authorities for a certified copy. This certified copy in its original form needs to be presented at the Embassy. Scans or copies of the certified copy will not be accepted.
  • If the commitment that charge will be taken concerns a student, proof of admission to a Belgian educational institution
  • Letter from your bank stating that you are financially capable of transferring the amount of money as required by law to Belgium on a monthly basis (currently 730 € per person) in consideration of your current other expenses, for the benefit of the student you wish to support for the duration of his or her studies (at least 1 year), in addition to documents showing sufficient and regular income.

Employed persons:  

  • Pay slips of the past three months
  • Work contract
  • A recent attestation from your employer proving that your work contract is still in effect

Self-employed persons:

  • Proof of income of the past three months
  • Proof of compulsory contributions as independent (i.e. prepaid tax, pension and other insurances, social contributions) of the past three months  
  • A recent extract from the Trade Register: In Finland "kaupparekisteriote from the Finnish Trade Register. In Estonia an extract (registry card) from the commercial register generated in the e-Business Register. 

Your application shall be processed within a minimum of 6 weeks. Only one application can be processed at a time. If your income is higher than the required amount, we can add the mention “sufficient means” and legalise the commitment that charge will be taken. For this it is necessary to make an appointment. The signing of the commitment that charge will be taken must take place at the embassy in front of a member of the embassy’s administrative personnel. The forms are available at the embassy.

As a general rule, a guarantor must have at least (these amounts are defined by the Immigration Office and are subject to regular indexations):

  • 1.969 EUR net/month for themselves   
  • + 730 EUR net/month for the student