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Belgian passport

Since 7th of November 2011 the Embassy has only delivered biometric passports that correspond to the security requirements set by the European Union.

The electronic chip of the passport contains information related to identity and nationality, electronic fingerprints (starting from the age of 12), photo (starting from the age of 6) and signature (starting from the age of 6). For the capture of this biometric data (photo, fingerprints and signature), all Belgian citizen must come in person to the Embassy to apply for a new passport (starting from the age of 6).

The passports are always issued for 7 years (adults) or 5 years (minors). Passports can no longer be prolonged. 

The handling time for obtaining a new passport is about 2 weeks.

Please note the change in the procedure for passport application:


The following documents are needed when applying for a new passport:

  • The application form 

    Application form
    The form is also available at the Embassy. 

  • Proof of identity: your old passport or your identity card. 

    You can keep your old, still valid passport until the new one comes, or if you don’t need it, you can return it to the Embassy already when applying for a new passport. 

    As a Belgian citizen can only hold one valid passport at the time, the old passport must be destroyed or cancelled at the Embassy. If it contains valid visas, those pages are conserved and the otherwise cancelled passport is returned to the holder. 

  • Payment 

    Passport (adults): 75 € 
    Passport (minors up to 18 years): 35 € 
    The fee has to be paid by bank- or creditcard before or when the application is introduced. If you pay by bank transfer, please enclose the receipt of the payment with the other documents. 

    Account info: 
    Nordea Bank 
    Account n° 172230-249 
    IBAN: FI6817223000000249 

    After all the required documents and your payment have been received and your biometric data have been registered, the application will be processed. You will be informed about the arrival of your new passport. If you wish to receive the new identity card by registered mail, you need to pay  11.50 €* together with the passport fee (= a total of 86.50 € for adults or 46.50 € for minors). 

    * or 15.30 € for Estonia 


Passport stolen or lost?

If your passport gets stolen or lost, you should:

  • contact the Docstop service at 00800-2123 2123 (free phone line with 24 hour access) or +32 2 518 2123 to block your document and avoid its illegitimate use. Further information on the website https://www.docstop.be.
  • notify the local police station and present the received report of theft or lost at the Embassy, where a new travel document will be issued.


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